Mr & Mrs: Ties

Tie Post HeaderWith only three months to pull it off, our goal for the Wedding was for it to share the warmth and intimacy of a dinner at our home – friends tucked around the table, drinks flowing and the sounds of lively conversation blending with a record playing in the background. Nothing too fancy, just good food, beautiful people and the little touches that make for a night that could go on forever.

Fortunate to share a life with many wonderful friends and family, hosting the wedding at our home was not an option so we did our best to create that feel by finding little ways to customize the day.tie making

The first area we decided to bring our touch to were the ties worn by the men. Homemade by L, we chose fabrics that echoed the colour scheme of the day and customized them further with personalized Laser Cut Wood Veneer Tie Keepers.

For these little beauties, we once again called on the talents of ACD Stencil who used the logo from our wedding invitations and designed the most delicate keepers that were then sewn on to the back of each tie.

shawn tiePerhaps not a detail that each of our guests would have experienced first hand, the process of sewing each tie and dreaming about the future as they were pieced together made seeing them on the actually wedding day that much more special. And adorned with the carefully crafted tie keepers, we can’t help but think that the energy of this small detail translated in to the beauty of the day.

xo L&S

(Photo of Shawn: Jacklyn Barber | Birch Tree Tie Fabric: Melinda Josie | Tie Pattern: The Workroom)

Bringing Down the Wall

Brick HeaderAfter announcing our engagement the first question we often received was where we would be honeymooning. At some point we will travel, but life has us enjoying many other adventures closer to home these days and regardless, our ideal Honeymoon, as we often responded to curious friends,  would probably be a week off together demo-ing a wall in our house (clearly we are meant to be together if this is our shared idea of a vacation)!

So when we decided to finally tackle a project that has been on our wish list for a while – exposing the brick in our front hallway – you can imagine our excitement for this mini-honeymoon of sorts.

chiselThe wall we exposed is shared between our house and our neighbours’, often referred to as the “party wall.” When it comes to 100+ year old homes like ours, you should expect a surprise or two and we had our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t end up being us surprising our neighbours by busting right through and in to their living room!

As it turns out, there were two surprises during this project the first of which was finding grey brick! We were prepared to find the classic red brick but were quite happy with grey tones that match well with the rest of the house. The second being the amount of muscle and time the project ended up taking. 8 dusty hours later, we had lost the feeling in our hands but were pacified by a newly exposed brick wall that totally trasformed the entrance of our home.

ladderThe next day the wall was given a good dusting, vacuum and buffing to work down any of the significantly uneven parts and provide a more uniform look. After trying out a little test spot with a sealer that we had originally thought would really make the wall pop, we decided the look was a little too wet cement for our liking due to the grey colouring of the brick and have kept it raw.

Tackling this project together and snuggling up with a beer after it was all said and done was about as romantic as any honeymoon abroad and came with the added bonus of not having to navigate airport security and jet lag.

xo L&S

Mr & Mrs: Invitations

invite header

On a beautiful April day with the wind blowing against the budding trees and the sun curbing the end of winter chill, we wed under a canopy of flowers and in the company of our loved ones. A quick love affair followed by an even shorter engagement brought us to this day – our dream come true and opportunity to throw a party for the people we love full of all the little details that bring us joy.

invite package

If there is one thing to know about Shawn as we start to get acquainted in this little space, it is his love for all. things. wood. A hawk-eye for an old piece of perfectly weathered wood with the talent to build it in to something beautiful, it was important that this passion came through on our wedding day.invite feet

Deciding that the invitation would be the perfect way to introduce our guests to our wood filled wedding, we looked to our community of incredibly talented friends to bring this dream to life.

invite close up

Our friend Andrew of ACD Stencil was absolutely the man for this job and with his creative input and expertise we were thrilled to invite our loves to our special day with this laser inscribed, wooden invitation.

The pine used for the invitations created the most beautiful, natural variations in the look of each one as the knots and grains rain through the delicate lines of the text.

Wrapped carefully in thick craft paper and sealed with washi tape in the deep blues of our wedding palette (and some clear packing tape for good measure) these made their way through the mail and in to the mailboxes of our guests. Imaging each being opened and the journey to our wedding day starting as they felt the wood in their hands was just the start of many beautifully crafted moments of our special day.

We can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Xo L&S