Cottage Chutney

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With bags packed full of inspiration after our trip to the local market, Shawn set to work over the past few days to carry on a tradition we started at the beginning of our relationship.
Pickling seasonal vegetables to share with friends and family has grown thanks to Shawn’s love of cooking into making chutneys, jams and a variety of sauces for us to enjoy.
This weeks creation was an incredible Apple & Pear Bourbon Chutney that we have been smothering on cheese and crackers, sandwiches and eating straight from a spoon!

Shawn’s Apple & Pear Bourbon Chutney
2 Apples, peeled and roughly chopped into small chunks
2 Pears, peeled and roughly chopped into small chunks
4 Basil Leaves, chopped
4 Tarragon Leaves, chopped
2 cups of White Sugar
2 cups of White Wine Vinegar
1 cup of Cider Vinegar
1/2 cup of Water
4 tbsp of Bourbon
4 tbsp of Butter
1 1/2 tsp of All Spice
a bit of Lemon Zest
a bit of Salt
Bring everything to a boil
Reduce to medium heat and heavy simmer for about 45 minutes
For a smoother chutney, mash it up a bit after about 30 minutes while it’s reducing
Yield: approx. 3 1/2 cups
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