Main Floor Reno: Part 2

Kitchen 2-1With the kitchen prepped  and our bodies fueled with the daily renovation diet of coffee and croissants, it was time to start putting together the IKEA kitchen cabinets.

The entire design of the kitchen was done by Shawn using IKEA’s online Kitchen Planning Tool. His vision arrived in the form of hundreds of IKEA boxes that were piled high in the mid-renovation dining room (future post on those renovations to follow!) ready to be organized, opened and assembled!

Kitchen 2-2After measuring and re-measuring to make sure Shawn’s plans were going to work (which they did!) an assembly line of opening, building and then installing made this significant task a manageable one.

Two days of cursing and then praising everything IKEA, being adamant on multiple occasions they had missed a piece only to find it every. single. time. and ultimately deeming ourselves IKEA kitchen Masters, the cupboards were fully installed and the space showing signs of its new look.

Kitchen 2-3

Kitchen 2-4Fairly early on in the design stage we knew that we wanted to relocate the sink to the corner of the main countertop, which meant a miter cut in the countertop that had us worried. Wanting to avoid a miss cut (or 10) and needing to ensure everything was professionally installed and sealed to avoid potential water damage, we decided to splurge on custom walnut countertops made up by local countertop craftsmen Knotty’s Woodwork. With a wait time of 4-6 weeks, a simple plywood countertop allowed us a functional kitchen while we waited.

Kitchen 2-5The next step of the process was to paint, which we strangely decided to do post cabinet installation (something we wouldn’t do next time around.)  We used Behr ‘Atmosphere’ on the walls in both the Kitchen and the Living Room after watching Lauren’s parents paint their entire house in that colour and falling equally in love with it. A warm grey/white that looks good in all lights and rooms, the colour was an easy choice and one that did not disappoint.

Kitchen 2-6Around the time painting was finished we were able to alleviate some of the tool storage and construction zone vibe that our main floor had taken on and condense everything into the almost completed Dining Room. After washing and re-washing away weeks of construction dust  the living room was reassembled and the record player back up and running – a true sign that the end of this reno was near!

Adding the kitchen cupboard doors, drawer fronts, and gables allowed us to really be able to see the finish line and start installing some finishing touches like the Restoration Hardware bar lights, which offered the simple and rustic design we wanted for this new seating area.

Kitchen 2-7

Kitchen 2-8 Kitchen 2-9

Kitchen 2-10The final items to cross off of our to-do list were installing handles, tiling the backsplash and replacing the barn board wainscoting in some areas, which we can’t wait to share with you in Part Three of this little reno series – coming soon!