Main Floor Reno: Part 3

Kitchen After-7
We are so excited to share with you the final photos from our kitchen renovation!

What is it about the final 10% of a job seeming to take 50% of the time? Fortunately we had the bulk of the work done before our most important deadline, the arrival of our Baby Girl,  and then after taking a few months off to welcome her to the world and get adjusted as new parents, we finally made the time to tile the back-splash and the kitchen is now complete.

Kitchen After-3
Kitchen After-4
Overall we would say this was a really enjoyable renovation and there were a few things that definitely helped make it that way:

Prep properly.
If you are anything like us, seeing the first hole in the wall is pretty darn exciting, which means that sometimes it is more fun to get going on the job before things are properly prepped. This time around we carefully packed everything away and covered the floors, hallways, etc. before getting started and it made a huge difference. Not only were we not dancing around our things when trying to complete the job, but when everything was done we simply had to open up the boxes and put our clean items away in their new home.

Kitchen After-6Kitchen After-9
Clean as you go.
I know some people might thing that dusting amongst dust or cleaning for something only to get dirty again the next day seems like a whole lot of wasted energy, but for us it was the difference between renovation sanity or throwing in the towel. It also made the final clean much easier and prevented other parts of the house from getting wrecked during the process.

Get Organized.
Early on in the process Lauren’s Dad put together a flow chart of sorts that laid out everything that needed to be done and how they all worked together (electrical before drywall, etc.) With a team made up of family members and a few hired trades, this definitely made a big difference keeping us all on track throughout the process.

Kitchen After-10
Kitchen After-12
Live in the Space.
By living in the space, we mean setting things up so that you can actually live in the space. For us this meant making a temporary kitchen in the laundry room when we had no plumbing in the kitchen and keeping the stove and fridge accessible throughout. It is a bit of extra work and takes some juggling, but being able to eat at home or make a cup of coffee helped us to enjoy the process and not rely solely on takeout.

Get Help.
While we were at work our hardworking parents were very often at the house managing the mess, keeping the trades on track and tackling jobs on their own, which played a huge role in making this renovation so enjoyable and smooth. We appreciate that not everyone has access to help like this, but if you can find it, take it. A painting party, cleaning party or even a quick hand moving something can relieve just enough of the pressure and work to help you keep your energy up to finish the job.

Kitchen After-11

Kitchen After-15

Kitchen After-14
Kitchen After-17

Do you have any tips for surviving a Home Reno? We would love to hear them!

We can’t wait to share with you a few other things we have been working on, including the front of the house renovation that started as a simple add-on project and ended up transforming the space!