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L&S: Touch the Dutch Interview

cropped wedding ring

We are so excited to share with you the White Wedding Wednesday post the amazing Anneke at Touch the Dutch did on her blog featuring our wedding photos and a few sweet questions we answered about our wedding day and journey to finding each other!

Anneke was introduced to us through the equally amazing Leah at Scout on Roncesvalles in Toronto after chatting with her one day about difficulty in finding a wedding band to match our vintage engagement ring.  Anneke absolutely nailed it and was such a pleasure to work with to design this special piece.

Thank you Anneke for the sweet words and chance to spend a little time chatting about our love.

xo L&S

To see more of Anneke’s stunning work, check out her Etsy Shop here!


L&S: Advent Calendar DIY

Advent Calendar - FinishedThe kind folks over at reached out to us to see if we could whip up an easy DIY Advent Calendar  for an upcoming feature and it seemed the perfect excuse to get a head start on some holiday cheer!Advent Calendar - SuppliesSupplies:

Craft Tins from Local Craft Store (I got them at a Dollar Store)
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Paint or Chalk Pen
Advent Calenda - Spray Painted Lids
Remove lids and spray with chalkboard paint (if you prefer a more uniform look, the entire tin can be painted)
Arrange bottom of craft tins in a circle to resemble a wreath
Glue bases of tins together with hot glue gun or any strong adhesive by using a small dab of glue on all touching sides and holding for a few second to ensure it is secure. If the lids overlap the base, make sure there is adequate space between the bases to ensure there is room for the lids to fit on. Small spacers can also be used to create the necessary gaps.
Advent Calendar - Writing the numbers
Using your chalkboard or paint pen, write the numbers on the lids
If the tins need some extra support to stay together, popsicle sticks can be glued on the back between the tins to help keep them together.
Place notes, toys, treats and surprises inside each tin and hang on the wall!
Advent Calendar - Close Up with Lid Off
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